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               My name is Joe Barbera LMT(Licensed Massage Therapist).My business is Touch For Life Massage at 2321 huntingdon pike,huntingdon valley,pa.My phone number is 215-938-6007.My training is in many different massage modalities,but the ones I employ the most in my practice are'deep tissue,therapeutic and hot stone massage'.No matter what massage therapy modality I use I may incorporate techniques from another to enhance the outcome of the treatment.My practice philosophy is"Have a person feeling better going out than when they came in".And treating each client as unique individuals with unique treatment needs.The bottom line for any massage therapist should always be positive results for the client.The client should always feel less stressed and more relaxed at the end of a treatment.So whatever techniques meet that goal you use.That is, as long as the techniques meet the comfort level of your client.You never want your client to be resisting your pressure,that only creates more tension.So I check in with my client to make sure they are comfortable.That shows respect for your client which I consider crucial.I'am a single parent with two beautiful and handsome sons who are young men now.I'am very proud of them.When I'am not working I like to play chess online and in person.I also like to jog,take brisk walks and do some weight training.I enjoy a good movie.A good conversation is always welcomed and enjoyed.Thanks for your time.Hope to see you soon.


                                                                                     Joe Barbera LMT



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